Vision / Mission


To offer transformative education and enable individuals to become responsible, empathetic global citizens who contribute towards a sustainable future.


  • Create a nurturing and supportive environment to ensure students a fulfilling, demanding and intellectually stimulating experience.
  • To establish a team of well-qualified faculty that will enable the institution to grow holistically.
  • Enable students to imbibe values, cultivate a desire for lifelong learning and maximize their potential through establishing a network of activities.
  • Prepare students for employment in the global arena.
  • Provide the best state of the art infrastructure.
  • Offer quality health services to all strata of society.
  • To facilitate innovative & interdisciplinary research and share knowledge and understanding with the society.
  • To provide an ecosystem for innovation, invention and entrepreneurship.
  • To transform the fruits of research into the knowledge economy.
  • To contribute to the social, economical and national developments.

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