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Visitors Guide
Visitors Guide
  • To decrease the chance of infection and ensure proper rest for all patients, we restrict the hours that visitors may see you.
    Visiting hours are between 4.00 PM and 6.00 PM
  • No more than two visitors are allowed at a time.
  • Visitors may obtain a pass at the reception desk before going to patient room or wards and it must be visibly worn. The pass must be relinquished at the counter so that the next visitor can be allowed in.
  • Children above fourteen may visit with permission of the nurse. Younger children are not allowed.
  • People with colds or infections should not visit patients.
  • Each patient’s diet is strictly regulated in accordance with the patient’s medical requirements. Food is served from the hospital’s diet kitchen. Bringing food from outside the hospital is prohibited.
  • In the interest of patients’ health, visitors are not permitted to smoke or consume any other intoxicant while inside the CHC campus.
  • Only immediate family members are allowed to visit surgical patients. Family members wanting to speak to the surgeon after an operation should stay in the surgery waiting area. Hospital staff will keep your family informed of your progress.
  • Immediate family may wait outside the CCU or ICU in the waiting area, where the doctors will brief them about the patient’s condition.
  • In Paediatric Wards, any one of the parents may stay with the child.

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