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Institutional Development Plan

Chettinad Academy of Research and Education (CARE) is committed to a strategic and dynamic approach in all facets of education and administration. Infrastructure, and support services to provide a transformative educational experience for its students. As part of its strategic vision for the upcoming academic year, the institution has outlined a series of initiatives spanning across various domains listed below:

Curricular Aspects: CARE plans to consistently review and revise the academic curriculum across all programs to ensure they remain up-to-date. The institution will incorporate interdisciplinary approaches and emerging technologies into the curriculum.

Teaching, Learning, and Evaluation: To ensure holistic student development, CARE will introduce blended learning, online courses, personalized learning plans, and improvised mentorship programs.

Research, Innovation, and Extensions: The institution aims to increase the number of externally funded research projects, patents, student/faculty startups, and research & development collaborations.

Infrastructure and Learning Resources: CARE intends to invest in technology and infrastructure to facilitate the integration of technology and transform into a smart institution.

Student Support and Progression: CARE plans to improve counseling services to address students’ academic, personal, and career-related concerns. Additionally, the institution will provide further assistance regarding financial aid options, scholarships, and grants.

Governance, Leadership, and Management: The institution will develop a comprehensive strategic plan outlining its academic goals and objectives, aligning with the mission, vision, and considering long-term trends in education.

Institutional Values & Best Practices: To align academic programs with job market demands, CARE will improve institute-industry linkages through strategies like increasing collaborative research projects, organizing career fairs and networking events, and conducting industry-driven competitions.

This cohesive plan reflects our dedication to excellence and our commitment to preparing our students for the challenges and opportunities of the future.

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