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School of Physiotherapy - Admissions
School of Physiotherapy - Admissions

Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT) is a four-and-half-year undergraduate program designed to introduce students to the fundamentals of rehabilitative medicine. The program concentrates on imparting practical expertise on the subjects including Exercise therapy, Electrotherapy, Radiology & Imaging Technology, Orthopaedics & Traumatology, and General Medicine. The aim of the program is to train students at an advanced level on core physiotherapeutic skills such as therapeutic exercises and the application of electro-physical modalities which can cure a range of diseases and disabilities related to back spine, neck, shoulder, and legs. The program emphasizes learning about improving the movement dysfunction and promotes functions of the human body and optimal health. In addition to that, practical sessions ensure exposure to the students on accurate diagnosis and treatment of disease and disability.  After completion of the program, aspirants are enrolled for a six-month internship to enhance their practical learning and prepare them for treating real-life cases & conditions.

Dr. P.Senthil

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Bachelor of Physiotherapy – (B.P.T) – Duration – 4 ½ Years

Semester I
Anatomy – I
Physiology – I
Fundamentals of Computing


Semester II
Anatomy II
Physiology II
Physiotherapy orientation and First Aid
Food and Nutrition
Healthcare Delivery system


Semester III
Exercise therapy – I
Electrotherapy – I
Biomechanics – I
Clinical Medicine
Applied Physics
Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation
Clinical Training –I


Semester IV
Exercise therapy – II
Electrotherapy – II
Biomechanics – II
Microbiology and Pathology
Clinical testing
Clinical Training –II


Semester V
PT in OBG &Womens health
Geriatric rehabilitation
Community Medicine
Clinical Training –III


Semester VI
Clinical Neurology for PT
Clinical Orthopaedics for PT
Clinical Cardiorespiratory for PT
Rehabilitative Medicine
Clinical diagnosis
Orthotic & Prosthetic appliances
Clinical Training –IV


Semester VII
PT for Neurology diseases
PT for Orthopaedic diseases
PT for Cardiorespiratory diseases
Functional outcome measures
PT evaluation
Medical records & Documentation
Clinical Training –V


Semester VIII
Evidence based practice
Clinical reasoning
Professional ethics for PT
Biostatistics & Research methodology
Hospital management
Clinical Training –VI
Internship Training (6 months)
All candidates admitted to Bachelor of Physiotherapy Degree Course shall undergo Six (6) months of Physiotherapy internship after successful completion of the final examination in the following clinical areas.
1. Department of Orthopaedics & Traumatology – 30 days
2. Department of Cardiorespiratory including ICCU – 30 days
3. Department of Neurology – 30 days
4. Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation – 30 days
5. Paediatrics – 2 weeks
6. Department of Sports Medicine – 2 weeks
7. Post-operative ward and SICU – 2 weeks
8. Obstetrics and Gynaecology – 2 weeks

Eligible candidates for this program must fulfill the following criteria:

– Must be over 17 years of age as on Current academic year-end.

– Passed the Higher Secondary Examination (HSC) or its equivalent with English, Physics, Chemistry and one of the following subjects: Botany, Zoology or Biology.

It is the school’s mandate to provide high-quality education which develops effective and innovative physical therapists in Orthopaedic and Sports Physiotherapy. The quality of the program is enhanced by a collaborative effort between University departments, clinicians, and community representatives and by the integration of academic and hospital experiences. Through the entry-level programs, Chettinad school of Physiotherapy seeks to develop competent M.P.T Orthopaedic Physiotherapists and Sports Physiotherapists who can practice in their respective fields, be part of the rehabilitation team, and become leaders in responding to society’s health care needs.

Dr. P.Senthil

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Master of Physiotherapy – (M.P.T) – Duration – 2 Years with
2 specialties

  1.  Specialty I – Orthopaedic Physiotherapy
  2.  Specialty II – Sports Physiotherapy
Semester I
Basic Sciences
Allied sciences
Physical rehabilitation
Principles of Physiotherapy practice
Hospital management
Clinical Training I


Semester II
Basic Physiotherapy intervention
Advanced physiotherapeutic intervention
Physical and functional evaluation
Clinical testing
Basic Pharmacology
Clinical Training II


Semester III
Basic fundamentals
Physiotherapy evaluation
Evidence based practice
Medical record and Documentation
Clinical Training III


Semester IV
Advanced physiotherapy intervention
Professional ethics
Biostatistics and research methodology
Clinical Training IV


Eligible candidates for this program must have successfully completed the BPT program of a recognized University.

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