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Academic Bank of Credits (ABC)


The Academic Bank of Credits(ABC) is a digital system established by the University Grants Commission to provide academic services. The objective of credits is to enable students to become official account holders within the academic system, so allowing for smooth mobility of students between or within higher education institutions that confer degrees. This is achieved by a formal system of recognizing, accumulating, transferring, and redeeming credits. This facilitates decentralized and adaptable learning.

The ABC platform is a digital repository or credit database modelled after the National Academic Depository, established and managed by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. Its purpose is to “house” the credit scores achieved by students on an internet-based platform. Each student will be assigned an own account, which will include a unique ABC ID. Additionally, they will have access to a dashboard that allows them to monitor their progress in terms of credit accumulation, transfer requests, and credit history. Students have the ability to efficiently initiate credit transfer requests and see the status of their requests, similar to the process in a conventional bank. Essentially, the ABC will streamline the process of identifying, transferring, and utilizing credits.

ABC Framework

The institute may transfer or redeem credits provided to a student for a program, with the student’s approval, to another institution. The transfer of credit is crucial for the proper implementation of study mobility. CARE has developed a comprehensive academic mobility framework by integrating the Academic Bank of Credits (ABC) with the National Academic Depository (NAD). Students have the ability to safely keep their earned credits and academic certifications in NAD, while ABC guarantees a seamless transfer of credits among different institutions.

The incorporation of ABC and NAD facilitates cooperation among educational institutions, since it encourages a collective obligation in preserving precise and current academic data. Furthermore, this relationship improves the credibility of the institution and fosters a favorable environment for student progress and advancement.By implementing the innovative Academic Bank of Credits (ABC) and joining the National Academic Depository (NAD), our university is leading the road towards a revolutionary educational experience. Our college is a leader in educational innovation, offering seamless credit transfer, enhanced academic mobility, and secure record-keeping. By adopting these innovative techniques, we guarantee that our students are equipped to design their own customized learning paths and achieve exceptional academic success.

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