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CSR Activities
CSR Activities

Outreach Activity, is a concept that suggests the responsibility that corporations have towards society by elevating economic, social and environmental development, thereby creating a positive impact on society. India is the first country in the world to make corporate social responsibility mandatory in April 2014. The Government of India encourages non-profit CSR investments in areas such as education, poverty, gender equality, and hunger as part of any CSR compliance. Urban Health Centres are being run at Semmancheri and Karappakkam where more than 100 patients are treated free of cost every day.

In line with the above philosophy, CARE through Chettinad Health City is committed to serving the community around it. CHC’s well-planned outreach programs have benefited over 2 lakh individuals of all ages in surrounding villages.

With its outreach programs offering services like immunization camps, camps for prevention of blindness, early detection of cancer, adolescent camps and diabetic camps, CHC in association with international and local NGOs help to assess the requirements of the community and offer treatment and solutions.

Since CHC believes in “Healthcare for All”, economical solutions with specialist consultations and state-of-the-art facilities including accommodation are offered to all.

  • Services include general medical camps, speciality camps (for cardiac diseases, or tailor-made programs for a particular community), school health camps, health awareness camps, National Health Programmes.
  • As a part of the Government’s Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS), CHC conducts regular check-ups for adolescent girls in rural areas by checking their Haemoglobin and offering Counselling and Nutritional Supplements.
  • CHC regularly conducts School Health Check-ups where screening for Eye Problems, Dental Hygiene and a Paediatric check are done. Correction of refractory error, and dental extractions and fillings are done free of cost for the children.
  • CHC also runs a scheme offering a free general medical check-up, cardiology screening, and a dental check-up for people in rural areas.
  • With the help of NGOs, CHC conducts five free rural camps every month in and around Kancheepuram. It also has a rural health centre at Poonjeri.
  • Urban Health Centres are being run at Semmancheri and Karappakkam where more than 100 patients are treated free every day.

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