Admission for 2021-2022  Application for the Post of Vice Chancellor, CARE

The Institute of Undergraduate & Postgraduate Education for doctors, the Nursing College, the Institute of Emergency Medicine, the Institute of Paramedical Sciences and the College for Physiotherapy aim to attract the best talent in the medical and allied professions, and impart the true anywhere access to high quality learning content, it encourages slow learners and promotes more efficient interaction between students and instructors, with on-line exams and improved evaluation techniques.



Students get an opportunity to practice in real time on dummies that function like normal human patients. This gives them the confidence and skills they need for patient interactions. There is a variety of simulators available: from delivery of a child to asthma simulator, ECG tube, etc. This is a self training method that will be supervised by specialized doctors


State-of-the-art air-conditioned Lecture Halls with multimedia facilities makes the lectures interesting. With LAN and internet at the desk of every student, lectures become more interactive


Our lectures are well supported by hands-on experience in the well equipped laboratories. Each laboratory can accommodate over 90 students. Every lab has a demo room for the students to receive their instructions and conduct small group discussions.


An organized museum and well-stocked library make learning interesting. The library is well stocked with over 9000 books and over 54 journals of which 11 are international and 43 are national journals. Library also subscribes to online periodicals. The Digital library with over 35 computers and high-speed internet facility and audio visual aids is popular. Apart from these facilities the library is maintained on bar coding and also has reprographic facility which can take 14 pages/min.


To encourage research for both students and faculty we have well equipped research labs in every department as well as the Central Research Lab. Each department also has seminar rooms for faculty seminars & journal clubs.


CARE is one of the few medical institutions to make lectures available for students online with an anytime, anywhere access facility. 

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