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The lush green campus with beautiful architectural buildings, food court, and technology driven classrooms, studio, etc at Chettinad School of Architecture doesn’t let students get bored of campus and lets them enjoy the campus to the core.


Dhakshinachitra is a cross culture living museum of art, architecture, lifestyles, crafts and performing arts of South India. It is a place to learn a lot about the architectural culture of India. Chettinad School of Architecture had organized a field trip to Dhakshnichitra museum to understand the ancient architecture of India.


Straight design buildings have become old fashioned now. The latest technology now allows architects to design the buildings in a new fashion which are known as parametric designs. Chettinad School of Architecture organized a workshop on “parametric design” give students a practical knowledge about the parametric design. At the end of workshop, students created their own parametric design using the materials provided in the workshop.


Chettinad School of Architecture organized an open house competition where the students displayed their architectural models and it was judged by the faculty members of Chettinad academy.


Chettinad School of Architecture time to time organizes practical sessions for their students where they can use their creativity and create something new and unique with the support of our faculty members. As a result of these practical sessions, CSOA has got an amazing collection of student works which is the base for building their portfolio.


India has got lot of beautiful architectures and in order to understand those architectures, Chettinad School of Architecture organized a workshop for its students.


Architecture studios play a vital role to understand the work culture of an architect. An architecture studio is a classroom where students get hands on experience about the architecture design. Students create practical architectural models by discussing it with their mentors. It is a way to enhance their creativity and bring out the best from them.


Chettinad School of Architecture organizes guest lectures from time to time to give exposure to the students. The lecturers share their experience with the students which create an impact on the students and they get to know the industry better.


Carving is the art to shape something from a material by scraping away portions from it using tools. Lot of architecture sculptures are seen all over the world which involves carving. To inculcate this art among the students, The Chettinad School of Architecture organizes workshop on carving.


Site marking is the base for construction of buildings. Pillar placements and the corner of building is identified using site marking. Chettinad School of Architecture organizes site marking workshop for the students to make them understand the importance of basic in construction.


There are lots of movies that focus on the architecture and try to portray them. Chettinad School of Architecture organizes movie reviews on such movies to understand the movie from architectural point of view.


Travels are an integral part of Chettinad Academy and Chettinad School of Architecture organizes excursion trips for the students to make them understand different architectures in our country and how nature enhances those architectures.


Art and architecture are deeply connected to each other. An architect always requires an art to display his architecture. And it’s very important to inculcate art in every architect. Chettinad School of Architecture organizes art workshops for the students to make them understand the use of art in architecture and also to bring out the creativity inside them.


Chettinad School of Architecture’s curriculum involves visit to an architect office so that students get to see how an architecture office actually works. They also get to interact with different architects in that office which adds to their knowledge.


The curriculum of Chettinad School of Architecture also involves site visits where the students get to see how buildings are being constructed, what is the base of construction, how architects are involved in construction etc etc.

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