Diagnostic Services
Diagnostic Services

Diagnostic Services (24 x7), Support the clinical services in accurate diagnosis and treatment of the patients 

  • Labs
  • Radiology
  • Other services
  • Physiotherapy

This is an allied field to medicine and the physiotherapists use various techniques such as exercise, joint mobilization exercises, electrotherapy, shockwaves, and kinesiology to treat joint pains, soft tissue injuries, damage to cartilage, arthritis and gait correction. We at CARE aim to give the highest level of support to the patients and facilitate complete recovery and physical function.

Blood bank

Located at D block, the blood bank is equipped with state of the art equipment and functions 24 hours a day and catering to the needs of the hospital. It is staffed by qualified and trained medical officers, staff nurses and technicians. The Blood Bank is licensed by the Drug Controller and all blood samples are screened for HIV, hepatitis, VDRL for AIDS, and Jaundice and STD respectively before they are transfused. The Department is practicing the issue of following blood products and components

  • Whole blood
  • PRBC
  • Leuco depleted Packed cells
  • Fresh Frozen Plasma
  • Platelets
  • Cryo

In addition, the department has facilities for Apheresis which include

  • Single donor platelet
  • Therapeutic Plasmapharesis
  • Exchange plasma therapy


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