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Faculty of Allied Health Sciences - Facilities
Faculty of Allied Health Sciences - Facilities

CARE has extensive facilities for student and faculty use, unique to each discipline. We offer well-equipped classrooms, labs and spaces that make the CARE a vibrant place to study and grow.


Malvern nano ZS90

Measuring nanoparticle size using dynamic light scattering technique. One can also measure zeta potential and electrophoretic mobility

Shimadzu UV-1800

Students investigating a nano-drug delivery system using Shimadzu UV-1800: UV-VIS double beam spectrophotometer

Bruker alpha FT-IR spectrometer

A bio nanocomposite material for medical implant is being analysed using Bruker alpha FT-IR spectrometer

Eppendorf Gradient PCR

Scholar using Eppendorf Gradient PCR in medical diagnostic lab

GeNei gel

Students getting a demo of a GeNei gel documentation system

Olympus Fluorescence microscope

Olympus Fluorescence microscope attached with cytovision software (BX 51 model) for research and teaching

Remi Cooling Centrifuge

Remi Cooling Centrifuge

Technico Autoclaves

Technico Autoclaves

Cleanair Laminar flow cabinet

Cleanair Laminar flow cabinet for basic culture work

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