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School of Pharmaceutical Sciences - Facilities
School of Pharmaceutical Sciences - Facilities

CARE has extensive facilities for student and faculty use, unique to each discipline. We offer well-equipped classrooms, labs and spaces that make the CARE a vibrant place to study and grow.



The dedicated A/C classrooms are spaciously designed & furnished with necessary technical teaching aids like audio-visual facilities with a capacity of 60 students.With the pharmaceutical industry growing every year, the need for professional and well-trained individuals in the industry has grown exponentially. Our student centric learning approach aims to train our students to get started on an exciting and successful career in the field of pharmaceutical sciences.

Pharmaceutical Chemistry

The department of pharmaceutical chemistry is one of the important branches in the pharmacy. It is equipped with state of the art facilities to undertake academics in Bachelor of Pharmacy course. Pharmaceutical Chemistry Labs are well equipped with latest instruments to impart practical training to the students.


Pharmaceutics is the discipline of pharmacy that deals with the practical aspects of manufacturing, formulation and evaluation of various pharmaceutical dosage forms. The subject also helps the students to acquire knowledge and skill to apply quality assurance principles, including legal and ethical aspects involving drugs, delivering a quality assured product as per the pharmacopoeial, WHO and ISO standards.


Pharmacognosy lab provides adequate facilities for morphological and microscopical studies of cells and tissues in different parts like root, stem, leaf, flower, fruit and seed of natural plants, identification and standardization of crude drugs. This lab provide an opportunity for the students to gain the knowledge of physicochemical properties of the natural products and natural medications also the identification tests, extraction, isolation, detection, determination and the estimation of natural products, quantitative and qualitative analysis of drugs and phytoconstituents extracted from medicinal plants.


Pharmacology deals with the basic knowledge of human anatomy, animal handling, scientific information regarding pharmacology of drugs, practical aspects of pharmacological screening for various medicinal agents using the animal model for pharmacology calculations, biological standardization, and in-vivo drug interactions and toxicity studies.

Machine Room

A machine room equipped with most advanced instruments and machinery used in manufacturing of tablets, capsules, injectables, liquid orals and ointment sections is available like a laboratory for practical training. The machine room is spacious with the available of rotary single punch tablet machine, coating pan, dissolution rate test apparatus, disintegration rate test apparatus, ampoule filling and sealing machine, bottle filling machine, sieve shaker, brookfield viscometer, humidity chamber, capsule filling machine, mechanical Stirrer, double cone blender, tray dryer and ointment filling machine etc. This laboratory provides a window for young and aspiring pharmacist to be well versed with the manufacturing aspect of different formulation in real time.

Central Instrumentation Facility

The central Instrumentation facility lab is inhoused with various sophisticated instruments like UV-Visible spectrophotometer, FT-IR spectrophotometer, Particle Size analyzer, Fluorimeter, Brookfield Viscometer, High Performance Liquid Chromatogaphy (HPLC), PCR and Gel documentation system, High thorughput systems with Drug designing software tools and Small animal imaging system.

Herbal Garden

A dedicated herbal garden is available at institute that is a permanent setup. This garden serves as a repository for livemedicinal plants for treating human illness and maintaining health. Most of the species are included in the ayurvedic formulary and Indian herbal pharmacopoeia. The herbal garden is properly demarcated through boundary net from nearby by spaces. Students are encouraged to visit and work in herbal garden, which give them a real time experience and learning.

Animal House

A centralized animal facility of the university is maintained as per the Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experimental Animals (CPCSEA) guidelines and facilitates the provision for preclinical studies. The Institutional animal Ethics Committee was constituted in the year 2006 and was registered under CPCSEA. This committee takes care of all aspects of animal care and research in accordance to CPCSEA guidelines.


Library is well stocked with books, titles and journals as well as electronic resources. The library has a specialized collection in the field of Pharmacy including reference books. The Library Resource Center offers the services as reading facilities, reference, photocopying, circulation, video viewing, computerized information search (digital library), newspaper clippings etc.
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