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Chettinad College of Nursing - Facilities
Chettinad College of Nursing - Facilities

Chettinad College of Nursing provides excellent opportunity for an optimal development of clinical skills for the Nursing students through its various medical and surgical specialties with modern technological advances and the state of the art equipment. Each department of the Nursing College has separate laboratories that are fully equipped. All the laboratories are equipped with Mannequins, Simulators, Models, Specimens, Audio Visual Aids, computers and necessary Articles for Procedure demonstrations.


Nursing Laboratories

The Nursing Laboratories provides space for students to learn and practice basic skills and more advanced nursing interventions in simulated settings using a mix of Manikins,Anatomical models and High-fidelity Simulators. Learning exercises in the Laboratories include demonstration and redemonstrations of various procedures which help the students to develop the necessary skill and confidence to provide bedside care and carry out nursing procedures in the clinical settings.

Nursing Foundation Lab

The Nursing foundation lab is equipped to provide an imagination of hospital set up where the students can develop their skill in integrating theory and practice in providing bedside care &
implement various nursing procedures through demonstration and re-demonstrations of procedures. This helps students to acquire the necessary  knowledge, skill and attitude in meeting patient needs in the actual clinical settings.

Nutrition Lab

Nutrition lab facilitates learning by providing the faculty and students with the settings, models, equipment and supplies necessary to develop skills regarding nutritious diet for a patients. Our college has state of art nutrition lab with all modern amenities for teaching therapeutic diet for the patients. Students get excellent training in nutrition and dietetics during their course of studies

Community Health Nursing Lab

Community Health Nursing Lab is a midget of community and home setting that promotes the practice of community health care skills among the students before they enter into urban and rural community learning. The Lab is  equipped with necessary equipments like community bags, family planning kits, dressing kits, water purification model, health education charts, flannel graphs, Family folders, home visit records and puppets to  demonstrate bag techniques, health assessment, health education, treatment of minor ailments and other procedures and to  enhance student skills to identify and cater to community needs.

Obstetrics and Gynaecological Nursing Lab

Obstetrics and Gynaecological Nursing Lab is well equipped with Birthing simulators, obstetric manikins, pelvis, fetal skull, various obstetrical instruments, different kinds of models etc to help the students acquire knowledge & skill in patient care that are to be practiced in clinical settings.

Child Health Nursing Lab

Child Health Nursing Lab is designed to help the students to develop an understanding of the modern approach to child care, identification, prevention and nursing management of common health problems of newborn and children. This lab provides solid foundation for pediatric nursing i.e. firsthand experience to handling neonates and children with the help of simulated model (manikins) and also performing related nursing procedures, before going to actual clinical settings.

Advanced Nursing Lab (Skills Lab)

Nursing Skills Lab serves an essential bridge between classroom learning and real-world nursing practice. It is equipped with a mix of manikins and high-fidelity simulators to demonstrate newborn, pediatric, adult, gynaec and obstetrical procedures. Thus strengthening the competency based health care training among students and faculty.

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